Q. What should i wear on my first class?


On your first class you should wear comfortable clothing. Jewellery should be taken off where possible and hair should be kept neat and tidy. All equipment is supplied by the Academy. All that you need to do is come in ready to have a great time.

Q. When is the best time to get started?


At IMC we have a 52 week curriculum and do not work in terms (I.e school terms) which means that you can start at any time. Everybody begins at white level, learning the basics and improving with each and every session. The sooner that you can get started the sooner that we can help you to reach your goals.

Q. How do i know if my child is ready to get started?


Over the years we have recognised that lots of parents worry that their child is too young or too unfocused to do martial arts. Being operating for over 40 years, we know the skills that your child should be developing and have the patience and expertise to know how to help them to develop these. Ultimately if your child doesn’t have the concentration, focus or co-ordination that they need this is the place to help them to develop the skill in our safe and friendly environment. The sooner they can start practicing these skills the better prepared they can be for school and beyond.

Q. How many classes per week should i or my child attend?


At IMC we recommend a minimum of two classes per week. The more you train the better you will be.

Q. Am i too old or unfit or uncoordinated to get started?


One of the best things about doing martial arts is that it is an individual sport with the onus on self improvement and enjoyment, meaning that you can take everything in your own time and that there is no rush to do anything other than have fun and give it your best.

Q. Can i make up missed classes or change classes?


IMC offers one of the most flexible timetables out there to help their members make it to class as often as possible. Members are able to change their class times and days to suit their needs and catch up classes at no extra cost.

Q. How much does it cost?


We offer a range of different memberships in different price ranges so there is one out there to fit every person or family depending on what you want out of your training. Our memberships range from $29 a week to $59 a week.

Q. How does the belt/rank system work and how do i progress through the belts?


IMC rank promotions (or gradings) are a really exciting and fun way to celebrate your achievements in technique, fitness, discipline, focus and confidence. IMC rank promotions provide members with clear goals on how to improve and something fun to work towards. Dates are set at the start of the year so that you can prepare and get excited for your rank promotion and are held quarterly. Students attend a special ceremony where they showcase the techniques that they have built skills in during their classes. IMC supports students with a very clear curriculum of what they need to be able to achieve in order to achieve their rank.

Once achieving the techniques required for rank promotion, students are awarded the next colour and certificate on their journey to becoming a black belt.

Belt promotions are not compulsory as we only feel that students who are ready for belt promotion should attend. We believe in setting our students up for success and setting realistic and manageable goals that individuals can tackle as they feel confident.



At IMC we offer family discounted memberships, only pay for the first 2 family members and any additional immediate family members can train free.



Most certainly not! IMC believes that martial art training is more than just fighting. Of course, if that’s what you want, we can teach you to be the best fighter, but about 90% of our students have no interest in fighting. They just want to get fit, have some fun and make new friends. There is something for everyone at IMC.

IMC Engadine Welcomes Beginners And Experts Alike From Engadine, Sutherland Shire, And Heathcote

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