What to expect as a Beginner student in Martial Arts at IMC Engadine - Karate & Kickboxing

What to expect as a Beginner student in Martial Arts at IMC Engadine - Karate & Kickboxing

What to expect as a Beginner student in Martial Arts at IMC Engadine


Many students who come into an IMC school will feel a wide range of emotions which include feelings of excitement or frustrations, maybe even  nervousness. Visiting a new place or starting a new hobby or sport can be quite overwhelming, but we assure you at IMC we will take great care of you and guide you easily through your training until you are comfortable and feel at home with us. 

On your first lesson you may feel uncoordinated and clumsy, rest assure that each and every one of us felt this way when we were first getting started. Within the first couple of months, through regular training and practice you will begin to build strength and better motor skills as well as better control of your body and movement. The cycle of emotions is still likely to continue throughout your journey and feelings of excitement and frustration will still both be present. As you learn and begin to understand the techniques your attitude towards your training will begin to transform as well, the key is to remain enthusiastic. Each time you feel frustrated with something you are doing in class and feeling as though you can't get right, use this as an indication of what you need more practice on.

Having good communication with your Sensei/Instructor is vital. If you feel you are struggling with something you need to let them know so we can do our best to help you with the movement and assist you in reaching your highest potential.

Keep in mind that every student hits plateaus in practice, whether its early on in your training or years down the track this is inevitable. Even if you have made great progress so far, this can be quite frustrating. Discipline at this time is key! Lacking motivation is completely normal and apart of your journey, choosing to be disciplined in your training and showing up regardless is what will help you get past this point. You may feel tired from a big day, sore from the training in yesterdays session, or just don't want to get back up from the couch.. The hardest part on days like this is showing up, so think of your goals during this time and ask yourself why is it I started? What are my goals? What do I want to achieve? Go to training. Your continuous efforts will soon have you seeing that you are once again making progress towards these goals and moving forward with your training. Remember to love the process and the practice, not just the progress.



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