EXERCISE Technique: Diaphragm Breathing



Seems simple right?


This is a critical part of your Martial Arts training! There are many benefits of controlling your breathing not only when we train but during everyday life. Breath gives your technique explosive power. In stressful situations it can help relax nerves & lower stress levels, helping you be more calm. Diaphragm breathing also known as hara breathing (Japanese) is going to help you gain control of your breath. The goal is to fill the entire lungs from the bottom up & then to completely empty the lungs from the top down. By breathing deeply you more effectively oxygenate the blood stream this not only benefits the heart & lungs but also other internal organs and our muscles. 


We exercise the diaphragm muscles to begin to strengthen our core and internals. In the beginning the drill may be difficult and that is to be expected, it is likely that you will feel like you are not getting a full and satisfying breath. This is because you aren't. Will this breathing exercise you will recondition yourself to breath this way so that when you do use your lungs you can breathe deeply helping you to be more energetic and focused. 

Step 1: lay flat on your back, one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Exhale completely, feel your hands drop as your chest contracts.

Step 2: As you inhale, the goal is to have the hand on your stomach rise and the one on your chest remain still. Pause for 3 seconds and then begin your exhale.

Step 3: Once fully exhaled, pause again for three seconds before repeating the exercise. Start with 3 full cycles of breathes.


Do not practice Hara Breathing on a full stomach. Wait at least an hour after eating! 





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