Adult Martial Arts in Engadine

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Kempo meaning 'Art Of The Fist' has been taught at IMC for 35 years. It is an easy to learn yet sophisticated Karate style. It teaches the hard style strikes, kicks, locks, throws, punches and submissions of Karate and combines them with fluid like movement of Kung-Fu.

Whether you're defending yourself against an armed opponent or even multiple attackers Kempo Karate's science-like approach to self-defence will amaze you. We welcome people of all skill levels from around Engadine, Sutherland Shire, and Heathcote to come take part in our Adult Martial Arts classes today!

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Get Fit & Learn Incredible Karate In Engadine

Adults of all ages can become physically fit, strong, and flexible as well as mentally focused, disciplined, and more confident. Our students work hard as they get into shape. Students are introduced to techniques of introspection, contemplation, and learning to discipline your breathing while preparing to handle adversity in life calmly and with confidence.

The classes offered at IMC Engadine are one of the most effective, rewarding and unique Martial Arts training programs you will find throughout Engadine, Sutherland Shire, and Heathcote. Our team has years of experience in practicing and teaching the martial arts.

Join Now & Burn Calories While Learning Effective Self-Defence

Our Adult Martial Arts program is a safe, yet challenging and comprehensive. At IMC Engadine, we use a training curriculum that fully develops both the mind and body. Don't worry if you haven't trained in the martial arts before, we make sure that everyone that joins us feels welcome and supported. Fill out the short form on your to request all the information you need to get started immediately.

IMC Engadine Welcomes Beginners And Experts Alike From Engadine, Sutherland Shire, And Heathcote

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