Kids Martial Arts in Engadine

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Set your kids up for success with the exciting kids karate classes at International Martial Arts Centre in Engadine! From giving kids an amazing workout and teaching them important life skills like leadership, goal-setting and self-control, to giving kids impressive self-defence skills, our karate classes for kids pack a serious punch!

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Countless Rewards For Your Child, All From A Single Class

When you enroll your child in the Kids Martial Arts classes at International Martial Arts Centre, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best martial arts school in the Engadine, Sutherland Shire and Heathcote areas! Our team of advanced-degree instructors are true pros with kids. As we help your child master all the essential karate moves, we’ll provide plenty of individual attention and encouragement that really works—in fact, we guarantee you’ll notice plenty of positive changes in your child as early as the first class!

What’s more, our kids karate classes offer your child a long list of benefits. Just take a look:

  • A boost to your child’s concentration, leading to excellent grades in school
  • Improved self-respect and self-confidence
  • Leadership skills that help your child to stand out from the crowd
  • Bully-prevention and stranger-danger skills that will keep your child safe
  • A fun exercise program that encourages a healthy lifestyle
  • Character-building exercises that promote gratitude, courtesy and respect for others

The Best Karate Classes In Engadine For Kids

Whether your child is as young as 18 months or as old as fourteen, we have a class that’s just right...

  • Martial Minis, for kids between 18 months and 3 years old
  • Little Ninjas, for kids between 3 and 6 years old
  • Kids karate, for kids between 7 and 14

A Great Start For The Future!

A stronger body...a sharper mind...leadership skills...character-building...self-defence skills that could save your child’s life...with all that the kids karate classes at International Martial Arts Centre in Engadine has to offer your child, the decision to enroll is easy.

And with new classes enrolling this month, there’s no need to wait!

To make your decision even easier, we’ve put together an incredible offer that you won’t want to miss. Find out more about this limited-time special to give your child a lifetime of benefits through karate classes at International Martial Arts Centre by completing the short form on this page. When you do, we’ll give you everything you need to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to improve your child’s future!

IMC Engadine Welcomes Beginners And Experts Alike From Engadine, Sutherland Shire, And Heathcote

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